# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
66 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime Russell Mulcahy Ron Finley October 31, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #33
An ambulance-chasing lawyer (Catherine O'Hara) finds herself being sent to a nightmarish court for petty crimes. Also stars Peter MacNicol.
67 Only Skin Deep William Malone Dick Beebe October 31, 1994 (HBO) Tales from the Crypt #38
Coming off a bad relationship, a man with a history of violent behavior (Peter Onorati) picks up a mysterious masked woman (Sherrie Rose) at a costume party, who is even more unstable than he is.
68 Whirlpool Mick Garris Gilbert Adler and A. L. Katz October 31, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #32
A struggling comic book artist (Rita Rudner) finds herself in a time warp where her day is in an endless loop with a different tragic outcome. Also stars Richard Lewis, Blake Clark and Corin Nemec.
69 Operation Friendship Roland Mesa Rob Ross November 9, 1994 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #41
A computer nerd (Tate Donovan) is tormented by his imaginary friend (Peter Dobson) after ignoring him for years. Features a cameo by Ethan Suplee.
70 Revenge is the Nuts Jonas McCord Shell Willens November 16, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #20
A sadistic caregiver at a home for the blind (Anthony Zerbe) gets his comeuppance by the many victims he abused. Also stars Isaac Hayes, John Savage and Teri Polo
71 The Bribe Ramon Menendez Scott Nimerfro November 23, 1994 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #7
A fire inspector (Terry O'Quinn) gets more than he bargained for when a sleazy strip club owner (Esai Morales) bribes him with a dangerous offer. Kimberly Williams-Paisley plays his daughter and Benicio del Toro plays Bill, a security guard at the strip club.
72 The Pit John Harrison John Harrison November 30, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #40
Two martial artists (Mark Dacascos and Stoney Jackson) are forced to fight to the death by their overbearing wives (Debbe Dunning and Marjean Holden). Also stars Wayne Newton.
73 The Assassin Martin von Haselberg Scott Nimerfro December 7, 1994 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #17
A group of operatives invade the home of a housewife (Shelley Hack) in search of her husband whom they believe is an AWOL CIA assassin. Also stars Corey Feldman, Jonathan Banks and Chelsea Field. A cameo by William Sadler as The Grim Reaper, his character in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, is in the bookends of the episode.
74 Staired in Horror Stephen Hopkins Colman Dekay and Teller December 14, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #23
A man (D. B. Sweeney) on the run finds refuge in a house owned by a woman (Rachel Ticotin) whose house and stairway are cursed. Also stars R. Lee Ermey.
75 In the Groove Vincent Spano Colman Dekay and Jack Temchin December 21, 1994 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #21
A talk radio show host (Miguel Ferrer) finally becomes successful and resorts to murder to keep himself on top. Also stars Slash, Wendie Malick and Linda Doucett.
76 Surprise Party Elliot Silverstein Colman Dekay and Tom Lyons December 28, 1994 (HBO) Vault of Horror #37
A man (Adam Storke) murders his father (Rance Howard) to inherit a house, but gets a big surprise when he learns the place harbors a horrible legacy. Also stars Jake Busey.
77 Doctor of Horror Larry Wilson Larry Wilson January 4, 1995 (HBO) Vault of Horror #13
Two bumbling security guards Richard (Hank Azaria) and Charlie (Travis Tritt) aid a mad doctor (Austin Pendleton) in his quest to steal the souls from recently dead corpses. Also stars Ben Stein.
78 Comes the Dawn John Herzfeld Scott Nimerfro January 11, 1995 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #26
Two cheating U.S. Army poachers, the Colonel (Michael Ironside) and the Sergeant (Bruce Payne) become the hunted while on a trip in the Arctic. Also stars Vivian Wu and Susan Tyrrell.
79 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror Rodman Flender Rodman Flender January 18, 1995 (HBO) Vault of Horror #23
A narcissistic young artist with a penchant for gore (Cristi Conaway) goes on a rampage when her husband (Bruce Davison), a soap company magnate, fires her.
80 You, Murderer Robert Zemeckis A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler January 25, 1995 (HBO) Shock SuspenStories #14
Lou, a corpse who bears a striking resemblance to Humphrey Bogart tells a tale of deception, lust and murder in a morbid homage to film noir. Also stars John Lithgow as Dr. Oscar Charles, Isabella Rossellini as his ex-wife Betty and Sherilyn Fenn as his lover Erica.