# Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original Airdate Source
39 None but the Lonely Heart Tom Hanks Donald Longtooth June 27, 1992 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #33
A con man finds a new wealthy widow (Frances Sternhagen) excited to have his company. But it seems someone is on to him as he gets a series of notes warning him to stop what he's doing.
40 This'll Kill Ya Robert Longo A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler June 27, 1992 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #23
A scientist (Dylan McDermott) is injected with an experimental virus cell with no antidote that kills its host. Believing that he was double-crossed by his lab partners, he decides to get revenge.
41 On a Deadman's Chest William Friedkin Larry Wilson June 27, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #12
A rock star gets a chest tattoo of the woman he hates, which seems to have a life of its own and won't go away even after he murders the object of his hatred.
42 Seance Gary Fleder Harry Anderson July 4, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #25
Two con artists (Ben Cross and Cathy Moriarty) attempt to swindle a rich tycoon (John Vernon).
43 Beauty Rest Stephen Hopkins Donald Longtooth July 11, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #35
An aging model (Mimi Rogers) resorts to murdering her younger rivals in order to jump-start her career—and gets her big break as a contestant in a rather macabre beauty pageant.
44 What's Cookin' Gilbert Adler A.L. Katz and Gilbert Adler July 22, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #12
A couple's (Christopher Reeve and Bess Armstrong) failing restaurant gets a huge boost when a drifter (Judd Nelson) gives them a steak recipe that's made of human flesh.
45 The New Arrival Peter Medak Ron Finley July 25, 1992 (HBO) Haunt of Fear #25
A psychologist (David Warner) attempts to boost his sagging radio show ratings by doing a series of episodes from the home of a strange woman (Zelda Rubenstein) who wants help for her deeply disturbed child.
46 Showdown Richard Donner Frank Darabont August 1, 1992 (HBO) Two-Fisted Tales #37
After killing a Texas ranger (David Morse), a remorseless gunslinger (Neil Giuntoli) gets his comeuppance when all of his past victims come back to haunt him.
47 King of the Road Tom Holland J. Randal Johnson August 8, 1992 (HBO) N/A
A police officer (Raymond J. Barry) revives his past life as a drag racer when a young, cocky racer (Brad Pitt) kidnaps the officer's daughter.
48 Maniac at Large John Frankenheimer Mae Woods August 19, 1992 (HBO) Crime SuspenStories #27
A librarian (Blythe Danner) becomes obsessed with a serial killer and believes that she is his next victim.
49 Split Personality Joel Silver Fred Dekker August 26, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #30
A con man (Joe Pesci) tricks a pair of reclusive twin sisters (Kristen Amber Citron and Jacqueline Alexandra Citron) into dating him, so that he can steal their inheritance.
50 Strung Along Kevin Yagher Yale Udoff and Kevin Yagher September 2, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #33
A game of deception ensues when a golden age puppeteer (Donald O'Connor) with a young, dominant wife (Patricia Charbonneau) is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on an animatronic puppeteer (Zach Galligan) as his new assistant.
51 Werewolf Concerto Steve Perry Scott Nimerfro September 9, 1992 (HBO) Vault of Horror #16
A group of guests at a hotel suspect that one of them may be a werewolf.
52 Curiosity Killed Elliot Silverstein Stanley Ralph Ross September 16, 1992 (HBO) Tales From The Crypt #36
An elderly man (Kevin McCarthy) is let in on the secret of a youth potion whilst camping in the woods, and entrusts his friend and his wife (J.A. Preston and Madge Sinclair) to keep it from his own bitter, overbearing wife (Margot Kidder).