This is the first episode of the fourth season. This episode tells the story of a conman who pretends to be in love with his Victims and then murders them.

The episode starts with Howard having dinner with an old lady but he then poisons her. At the funeral he meets his business partner who warns him to stop. He ignores his partners advice and goes after another victim who is again an old lady. At first he is rejected but then the lady let's him in there him and the old lady fuck. That morning he gets a note telling him to stop. He is convinced that his partner sent it so he goes to his office and murders him. After that he continues seducing the old lady but her butler digs into his past and tells him to leave. Howard responds by snapping the butlers neck. Later that night he murders the old lady and then gets another note telling him to go to the cemetery. There he meets a grave digger who tells him that they are ghosts in there but he ignores him and goes down into the cemetery. There he sees the corpses of all his past lovers come alive and eat him